12 Tips to Getting Organized

The 12 step program to organizing your life:

  1. Purge a little bit each day. Ask yourself “Do I need it?” and if not “Do I love it?”
  2. Avoid keeping things you “might” need.
  3. Start any organizing project in one corner of a room, desk, other surface or container, then work your way around clockwise.
  4. Work with small sections at a time to avoid a big mess if you need to stop.
  5. Your “piles” should include Toss, Donate and Keep.
  6. Use green trash bags for donations and white for trash to avoid confusion.
  7. Never purchase organizing products until everything is sorted and purged. You will most likely find you already have containers and furniture you can repurpose.
  8. Group like items together.
  9. Label almost everything!
  10. Put function before beauty. I feel that a system should be in place for some time before investing in decorative containers. I do, however, recommend investing in all one color clothes hangers.
  11. For every new item coming into your home, discard one existing item to keep clutter from accumulating.
  12. Two great website resources to cut down on junk mail and sales calls are www.dmachoice.org and www.catalogchoice.org .

JoAnn Krall
Owner/Professional Organizer at The Sensible Organizer
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