I find it immensely satisfying to meet women who are so diverse in their interests, yet who share this same light.  Every one of the women who has become involved in WBN has done so with the spirit of giving to others around them.

Susan FInnSusan Finn Online

When I started my Professional Organizing business in 2008, I was like so many other entrepreneurs, motivated to succeed.  I knew the importance of networking, and I tried several different groups, meetings, and avenues.  Fortunately, one of those groups was the Women’s Business Network.  I immediately liked the all-women supportive environment of the group.  There was something about this group that made me want to come back, then join, then get more involved.  It was more than just feeling welcomed; I felt included, supported, encouraged, and respected as a business owner and as an individual.  Since 2008 my business has grown and evolved, and so has the Women’s Business Network, and I’m happy to be involved with this incredible group of women.

Janine CavanaughCertified Professional Organizer®

Joining the WBN was such a great decision. After meeting and getting to know founder Susan Finn, I wanted to become a part of the network, but felt my schedule was too busy to commit to a monthly meeting. I finally realized I needed to schedule time to start networking. So I decided to join and it’s been wonderful. I was graciously welcomed into the group, and felt comfortable from the minute I walked into my first meeting.

Erin SweeneyWebsite Designer and Graphic Artist at Erin Sweeney Design

I just love the idea of an all women group where we all know the challenges that face us as women in the business world and juggling family business lives.  Not that I don’t involve myself in gender combined networking groups but it just feels more comfortable in a women group as I said knowing we all face a lot of the same challenges but persevere through.

It’s a great support system and love being able to share business opportunities and promote other women owned businesses!

Also, the wealth of knowledge that I always gain from every meeting that I attend.  From social media, to organization to health information, etc..  It’s always a great learning experience that I generally take away with me and try to incorporate into my own life.

Kim GravelDecorative Landscapes Inc.

Life has twists, turns, valleys and mountains to climb! I have been so fortunate to be a part of this group for many years. It became even more obvious to me what an amazing supportive sisterhood we have in this group when I was struck by cancer. I am deeply appreciative of all the amazing women who stepped up to help. Together you all make a strong, nurturing and encouraging team to help beat that cancer. Thank you!!

Valerie LarsenValerie Larsen Photography

When I came to the Mansfield and Foxboro area, I didn’t know anyone.  One of my goals for my first year in business was to meet like-minded business owners to build a local network.  I decided to visit WBN back when they got together at the Mansfield Town Hall.  As soon as I entered, I was warmly greeted and made to feel right at home.  To his day I’m still in touch with people I met that morning.

Jen VondenbrinkLS Business Solutions