Change Your Relationship with Stress: The Mind Body Connection

Stress has a way of hijacking our lives. Ever have that happen.

I know. Many of us have.

From the day-to-day demands on our time to the situational stress that unexpectedly pops up (snow days I am talking about you) to the life-changing challenges that can take our breath away, stress is a constant in our lives.

So while I don’t believe we can eliminate stress, I do believe that we can change our relationship with it.  The key to managing stress is understanding your relationship with it, recognizing its effects on your mind and body, and having strategies in place that work for you.

That’s where this breakout session comes in. 

During this program you will gain knowledge of the stress response and the relaxation response,  participate in experiential exercises that offer relaxation in the moment, as well as  learn practical, evidence-based strategies that can immediately be implemented  to change your relationship with stress  in both your personal and professional lives.

I’d love to have you join me for a morning of learning, connecting and most importantly, relaxing.

Change Your Relationship with Stress: The Mind Body Connection

A WBN Breakout by Beth Williamson Ruse.
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
9:30 -11:30 am
HarborOne U
Copeland Drive
Mansfield, MA

Please RSVP by Friday, February 20th to Beth via email or via phone 617-529-8995.

About the speaker:  Beth Williamson-Ruse MSW, CEIS, is a speaker and trainer, who is a clinically trained mind body medicine practitioner specializing in stress management and resilience. She collaborates with corporations, non-profits, and organizations to teach employees how to integrate practical, evidence-based stress management strategies within their professional and personal lives.

A graduate of the Benson-Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth has also completed clinical trainings in both Mind Body Medicine and Building Resilience through a collaboration of the Benson-Henry Institute, Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education. Beth holds a Masters degree in social work from Boston University, and is an alumna of Syracuse University.


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