Does going broke show how much you care?

What if in the midst of the hustle and bustle, craziness and frenzy, you-just-stopped? What if you said, that’s it, I’m not buying another thing? What if you said, this is crazy and this is what I said I wouldn’t do again last year? Would Christmas still come? What’s the most valuable and scarce thing right now? Your time. Your time is priceless. What if instead you thought of each specific person left on your list, your oldest daughter who will be off to college soon, your closest friend, your mother-in-law? What could you do together to create a memory? Why not make them a Coupon for that and plan the date? What words could you write down in a note about that person that you’ve never shared with them before? Let’s see if you dare to change the way you have always done things…or you could buy them another sweater.

Marietta Z. Courtney, CPA, MST
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