Group Activity Leader

What: Group Activities are intended to help people get acquainted.

Why: Even if you aren’t shy, it can be stressful and intimidating to integrate into a new (or even an existing) group of colleagues. Group Activities are designed not only help everyone get comfortable with each other, but they also help us, as business people, in networking – the practice of meeting people and forming relationships that can help in our professional endeavors.

How: One theory is that icebreakers, or Group Activities, evolved from a psychology trend in the 1960s called the Human Potential Movement. Subscribers to this movement believe that people possess hidden talents and abilities that can be best drawn out and cultivated by organized group activities and interaction with others. These activities encourage participants to take initiative and instigate interaction with others in order to help the whole group integrate.

Bottom Line: We want to get to know each other better, and in a deeper way, than just shaking hands and asking, “So, what do you do?” The goal of these exercises is to have a rewarding, enriching shared experience, one that will establish solid connections between participants.

Your responsibilities as a group leader

  • Choose your Group Activity. There are many resources available for activity ideas. If you need assistance, please ask. I have a couple of activity reference books I could loan you and I am available to brainstorm ideas with you; we will work together to help you have a successful meeting. Your activity must be screened and approved by Debra Bloom, Group Activities Coordinator, one month before your designated meeting.
  • “Advertise” your meeting in the WBN newsletter. No need to include instructions or too many details, but a “teaser” for the meeting will serve to get people excited and interested in showing up for your session. Deadline: 3 weeks before your designated meeting, send announcement to Susan Finn, WBN Director ( and Marie Hoyt-Pariury, WBN Newsletter Editor (
  • Come prepared to coordinate your activity. You will have approximately 30 minutes for the entire process, 10:30-11:00. Remember to allow time to rearrange the room if necessary, give instructions and maybe even offer an example of how things will work. You will then monitor the activity or become part of the group activity. I will assist in whatever way you need me to.

Note: This is a commitment. If something comes up and you are not able to make your meeting, I need to know as soon as possible. We’re all counting on you!

Timeline for Group Activity Leaders

  • One Month Before Meeting. Submit proposed Group Activity choice me:
  • Three Weeks Before Meeting. Send meeting activity announcement to Susan Finn, WBN Director ( and Marie Hoyt-Pariury, WBN Newsletter Editor (
  • Day of Meeting. Arrive early if you need to any special set-up; consider greeting attendees as they arrive, introducing yourself as the day’s Group Activity Leader.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas, please email me:

Thanks for volunteering!


Debra can be reached at:

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