How Outsourcing Pays Off

Help from outside sources – including many of the fabulous ladies at WBN – has enabled me to focus on my core competencies: bookkeeping to help my clients and managing my business.  If I was still trying to do it all, like I did when I started my bookkeeping practice, I’d be wearing way too many hats and would be frazzled instead of excited about my company’s growth.

As my business has grown, I have used more and more outside help from experts in various fields including business coaching, marketing (newsletters and some blogging), and tech support.  Plus I have admin. help too (contact database, scheduling, thank you cards, etc.).  The contributions from these sources helped free up my time for bookkeeping and has led to the point where demand for my company’s bookkeeping services increased such that I had to turn work away – gasp!  Therefore, I was able to expand and hire employees to help with bookkeeping services.  Again, I utilized outside help by contracting a HR professional for recruiting and hiring.

Now I’m proud to report that Hasselbaum Bookkeeping is able to:
1. Turn around work faster for clients. 🙂
2. Help more clients.  Woo hoo!
3. Offer more services (including consulting to help business owners utilize numbers and reports to improve their business and increase profits).

Thank you, WBN Ladies, for your support, encouragement, and expertise!  Take it from me, outsourcing works!  Prioritize and concentrate on your strengths to improve or grow your business and be a happier business owner.

Outsourcing: Fewer hats = Less stress & More success!

For more, check out Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping.

Amy-Sue Hasselbaum, MBA
QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Owner
Hasselbaum Bookkeeping, LLC
Bellingham, MA
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