How to Set Your Goals Properly So That You Can Achieve Them

As we enter into a new season, you might be looking back and asking yourself why you are not reaching your goals or why things are not happening for you yet. Did you set SMART goals at the beginning of the year and you haven’t achieved them yet? It’s one thing to set a goal, but when it is not properly done, it will be hard to achieve. There are some things that you need to consider before the “S” and beyond the “T” in SMART goals to achieve them.

Follow this seven step process and apply it to any goal you are trying to achieve.

1. Have a purpose for your goal. 

Your goal should be tied to a purpose. If you are part of an organization, it should be tied to the vision of your organization. Why do you really want to lose weight? Why do you want to start or grow that business? What is your WHY? When you have as many compelling whys as possible, you are on the right track. Many times we don’t achieve a goal because deep inside, we don’t really want to or we don’t have a reason for pursuing the goal.

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