How to Use Social Media to Establish Trust

I am often asked the question, by business owners, as well as non-business folks – why is all this social media important? Isn’t it really just a big time-suck? Why should a business want to consider investing time and money in such outlets as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. Why rack their brains each week to come up with content for a blog for their website?

Lisa Barone, on the Small Business Trends blog, recently wrote a piece that seems to sum up the answers to so many of those questions.

She writes:  ” Life as a small business owner is all about trust. Trust is how we make consumers feel comfortable purchasing from us instead of big box stores and its how we get them to keep coming back. And through the world of social media, we have a slew of new ways to develop trust in our customers’ eyes to make them feel good about our business. ” Ms. Barone outlines six ways small business can use social media to establish trust with customers.

Although I list the six headings here, I will strongly suggest that you continue to the original blog to read the details of each topic.

  1. Turn customers into allies
  2. Build up online reviews
  3. Establish social proof
  4. Follow up after purchase
  5. Respond well to feedback
  6. Bring value

I agree with Ms. Barone when she states: “As a small business owner, your business relies on trust more than a larger business. If your customers don’t trust that you can solve their needs and that you’ll be around in the morning, they’re going to seek out other companies. Thankfully with social media we have even more touchpoints to build trust with customers.”

Your thoughts? Your experience?

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