Leading Ladies

General Inquiries: Email info@wbnsema.org

Membership Information: Email our Membership Director at membership@wbnsema.org


Monthly meetings are held September through June on the second Tuesday of each month, and are located at:

HarborOne Bank, 131 Copeland Drive, Mansfield, MA


Public spokesperson for WBN; Prepare agenda for and facilitate monthly meetings and Leading Ladies meetings; Communicate with members about meetings and other related issues.

Wendy Juergens


Fill in for Director; Coordinate efforts to fill Leading Lady positions; Track status of WBN projects; Facilitate press releases; Take Leading Ladies meeting minutes; Coordinate annual guest speaker.

Ginger Reilly

Associate Director

Receive dues and fees; Conduct all bank transactions; Handle expense reimbursements; Keep WBN books.

Rachel Leone


Answer questions about WBN membership; Receive and track membership requests and dues; Convey money to Treasurer; Confirm memberships and keep master list of members; Submit member info to webmaster to post on website.

Stephanie Osborn

Membership Coordinator

Prepare and send out WBN eNewsletter.

Kristi Johnston

Newsletter Coordinator

Handle duties related to scheduling location of meetings and physical meeting arrangements.

Jodie Rosen

Amenities Coordinator

As Presentation Coordinator: Work with WBN members to create a calendar of Monthly Business and Product Spotlight Presentations.

Gisele Sardinha

Presentation Coordinator

Coordinates and facilitates the monthly group activities; Works with monthly “group activity leaders” to promote networking and leadership opportunities to members.

Lynn Caruso

Group Activity Coordinator