Leading Ladies

General Inquiries: Email info@wbnsema.org

Membership Information: Email our Membership Director at membership@wbnsema.org


Monthly meetings are held September through June on the second Tuesday of each month, and are located at:

HarborOne Bank, 131 Copeland Drive, Mansfield, MA


Public spokesperson for WBN; Prepare agenda for and facilitate monthly meetings and Leading Ladies meetings; Communicate with members about meetings and other related issues.

Wendy Juergens


Fill in for Director; Coordinate efforts to fill Leading Lady positions; Track status of WBN projects; Facilitate press releases; Take Leading Ladies meeting minutes; Coordinate annual guest speaker.

Ginger Reilly

Associate Director

Answer questions about WBN membership; Receive and track membership requests and dues; Convey money to Treasurer; Confirm memberships and keep master list of members; Submit member info to webmaster to post on website. Handle duties related to scheduling location of meetings and physical meeting arrangements.

Jodie Rosen

Membership + Amenities Coordinator

Prepare and send out WBN eNewsletter.

Marjorie Turner Hollman

Newsletter Coordinator

As Presentation Coordinator: Work with WBN members to create a calendar of 10 Minute Monthly Business and 2 Minute Product Spotlight Presentations.

Gisele Sardinha

Presentation Coordinator

Karen Casey Ward