Maximizing Return on Your Vendor Events

Gotta love ’em –  Vendor Events are a wonderful opportunity to connect with other businesses.

If you are displaying your products or services at upcoming vendor events, please –

seriously, I mean it – please –

make sure that you are making the most of the marketing opportunities that these events truly are for your brand and your business.

Stop for one moment – Really think about this.

What are your goals for this event?

  • Perhaps you will be reconnecting with current customers and meeting their friends, colleagues, and cohorts.
  • Of course, you will hope to connect with new customers or prospects.
  • And, of course, you will be selling your products or setting up appointments/meetings.
  • You will absolutely want to focus on increasing your brand recognition.
  • Networking with fellow vendors and those planning/hosting the event can be great for building relationships and keeping top-of-mind in your industry.

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Here’s the real power play for you in maximizing your return on the vendor event – I share this as Tip #8:

The special sauce – The cherry on top of the sundae – The secret ring – is in the FOLLOW-UP.

The real power of a vendor events lies in your follow-up. Take the information you collected enter it into your email marketing database immediately. Have a ‘Thank you” or Welcome to” email newsletter ready to go!

Follow the other vendors on their social media platforms. Like, Share, Engage with them there, as well.  Help them amplify their message and you will find they will naturally do the same for you, helping you increase your own reach and engagement with your potential audience.

Of course, nothing can replace the personal touch. If it’s appropriate, follow up with a personal email (or even better – a snail-mail card – perhaps purchased at the vendor event) or phone call.

Now – The most important thing to bring to your next vendor event?

Bring your winning personality and be prepared to engage!

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I’d love to help you get started with your digital marketing.

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me to discuss how you can make the most of the opportunity to ensure that you have a consistent and branded digital platform (website, social media, email marketing) that will help keep your business relevant and top-of-mind with your current and potential clients and customers.

But, in my opinion, the absolute-most-important element in a successful holiday marketing season is keeping in touch via your email marketing.

Try a 60-day free trial to Constant Contact to see how easy it is to create branded, attractive, helpful reminders and coupons for your contacts.   Call me if you need help getting started.

Susan Finn

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