Meeting Ambassador

We recognize that it can be a bit intimidating to enter the room of a networking event if you aren’t already familiar with the group. We want our meetings to be as comfortable for our guests as possible. This is why we have created a “Meeting Ambassador” initiative.

At each of our monthly meetings, the assigned “Ambassador “ will help our guests become familiar with the space and meeting format, as well as introduce some of our members.  Below is a list of items we ask the “Ambassador” to cover when taking a guest into the meeting space:

  1. Welcome.
  1. From 9:15AM to 9:45AM casual networking takes place.
  1. The official start to the meeting is 9:45AM and the meeting ends at 11:30AM.
  1. We offer a table against the left side wall for business cards and other business literature to share. We encourage guests to gather as much of the materials as they would like. Our focus is to support, but referrals are often a side effect.
  1. Coffee is provided at every meeting, regular and decaf.
  1. We provide a “Question of the Day” to help initiate conversation.
  1. Meeting format: WBN business, member announcements, a member product spotlight, two (10 minute) WBN member presentations, group activity, individual introductions, acknowledgements.
  1. We meet at HarborOne Bank on the second Tuesday of the month from September to June. Yearly membership dues are $75.00. The $10.00 guest fee can be applied to membership if you join by the next monthly meeting.
  1. Provide our guest with a WBN business card and information rack card. Encourage them to view our website for member benefits.

As you can see, our goal is to make our guests feel welcome, and to provide them with information about our meetings and our organization to help them get settled in to their first meeting.

WBN Members,  Please contact Jodie Rosen if you are willing to take on this role for one or more meetings throughout our year.

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