• What are the benefits of joining WBN?

    You may attend our ten monthly meetings a year and other WBN events free of charge or at a reduced rate.


    Meetings offer both informal networking and formal presentations by members and business experts. They also allow you to network with other businesswomen from the region, and to present your business to the group.


    You will have the opportunity to schedule an 10-minute, in-depth presentation of your business or a 2-minute Product Spotlight to the group during a meeting. (more info)


    As a member, you can participate in Educational Workshops hosted by our WBN members.


    Your business will be listed on the WBN website.


    You can market your products, services, events and offers directly to the WBN mailing list through its regular newsletter. The WBN newsletter email list includes both members and others who have an interest in WBN services. Currently, our list consists of over 300 contacts. WBN members can also use this list to offer member-to-member discounts.


    You will have the opportunity to build relationships through our group social media page on Facebook.


    You will have the opportunity to gain exposure for your goods, services or expertise on the WBN blog.


    You will be able to list your business events, seminars or classes on the WBN online calendar.

  • Is a WBN membership for an individual or business?

    WBN membership is for an individual, not a business. The $75.00 membership fee covers only one individual, not all the people in a business. This means that if you have multiple people in your business who want to attend our monthly meetings, they each need to purchase a separate membership, or pay the $10.00 meeting guest fee.

  • How can WBN help me in long run?

    In addition to the exposure you receive for your business, you will benefit from the personal advice and mentoring of other women in business. WBN members operate a variety of businesses and run the gamut of experience from “highly seasoned” to “just starting out”. They belong to many other networking organizations that you can learn about and join as well.


    You can expand your leadership skills by volunteering to assist in organizing WBN’s activities.

  • How do i join WBN?

    Complete our online Membership Form.


    Annual dues are $75 for a business membership. There is a fee of $50 for each subsequent listing. View the Join Us page for payment instructions.


    The WBN membership year runs from September to the following August.

  • What if i'm not ready to join?

    Come visit us at one of our WBN meetings for a $10.00 guest fee, or contact our Membership Coordinator at membership@wbnsema.orgwith your questions. Your guest fee will be credited toward your $75.00 membership fee for that year if you become a member by the following meeting.

  • What happens at a typical meeting?

    We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, September through June, at the HarborOne Bank, 131 Copeland Drive, Mansfield, MA from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Members attend for free, and guests are welcome for $10.00 per meeting, which can be applied toward membership dues when joining by the subsequent meeting. RSVPs or questions about meetings* may be directed to info@wbnsema.org


    Members and guests are welcome to bring a small supply of their business cards and other information about their businesses for the display table at each meeting (plan on about 30 to 40 attendees per meeting). The agenda generally follows the format outlined in our About Us page.


    Monthly Spotlight Presentations: Members sign up in advance with the Spotlight Speaker Coordinator to make an 8 minute in-depth presentation (with 2 minutes for questions) about their business; may use handouts, visual aids, etc. A 2-minute spotlight and display table is available for members who have a product they would like to introduce at our meetings*.

  • Where else can i find WBN online?

    • Website: Our website is a compendium of information about WBN and about anything of value to women businesses and business networking, especially in our region.


    • WBN Blog: This is a source of information to deepen members’ knowledge of each others’ products, services and expertise. Each member is encouraged to provide us with a paragraph or two about a current project they are working on for posting. Members are encouraged to share their own newsletters or blog posts with the WBN membership. Check out the WBN Blog.


    • LinkedIn: We urge all members to register with LinkedIn to connect and engage with other members.


    • Facebook: This is a closed Facebook group where WBN members are encouraged to reach out to our WBN community to share news, ask for advice, and more.


    • Twitter:  WBN members subscribe to the WBN Twitter list to view posts of other members – increase sharing and engagement.  Follow #wbnsema for trending WBN conversations.


    *By attending these meetings, the attendee gives permission, without compensation, for Women’s Business Network (WBN) to publish and use any photographs of the attendee taken at the meeting in the promotion, advertisement or publicity of this or future events.

  • Is there an e-newsletter?


    • WBN’s mailing lists consist of its paid members and a list of those who have asked to be informed of WBN events and information. We do not share our lists outside of WBN.


    • Members enjoy the benefit of being able to post information about their own businesses to WBN’s mailing list and website calendar. We also publish information from anyone about business networking or educational events that would be of interest to our members. We do not post announcements from non-members’ businesses if they are not directly related to women’s business development or networking.


    • To provide an item to post, members can email their request and the text to be posted to news@wbnsema.org. If it needs to be posted immediately, we can include it on our website calendar or members may use the WBN blog or Facebook group page.
  • Is there a policy in place in case we experince inclement weather?

    Should we experience inclement weather, refer to the Mansfield Schools for cancellations or postponements. If Mansfield cancels or postpones we will reschedule our meeting.


    W​atch your email inbox or our Facebook page for more details.