Membership Opportunity

10-Minute Presentation to share your Brilliance!

As a member of WBN, you have the opportunity to schedule a 10-minute presentation. This presentation allows you to share your expertise in your field, which demonstrates your knowledge. WBN members are very supportive. They want to know what you know, your skills, so that they can help you in your business. Your presentation will also be included in local press releases.

Did you know that speaking in public is the country’s top phobia? Remember we said “WBN members are very supportive?” This is another important part of membership: personal growth. The best way to get over the fear of public speaking is to get up in front of a group and speak; and because WBN members are so supportive, it is a very safe venue for your speaking debut.

Our monthly agenda allows for two 10-minute speakers each meeting. If you are a new member or a member who hasn’t spoken in a while, please contact Gisele Sardinha ( or Wendy Juergens (

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