Optimizing Your WBN Profile


The new WBN website means new member profiles. The new website has been designed in a WordPress platform, and uses a robust member directory plugin called MemberFindMe. This plugin offers a few more bells and whistles than the old directory.

For starters, each member profile displays as a business card. This card is what a user will click on to view the full profile. The business card includes space for a logo (square version works best), company name, member name, plus space for a tagline or brief description (up to 80 characters).

When a user clicks the business card to open the profile, they first see a main description section (the “About” tab). This includes the logo, tagline or brief business description, a profile photo, a complete business description, and social media links. With the new member directory, we can add links to any of the following accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, BBB, and Yelp.

Clicking on the “Contact” tab, we see the member name, address (if applicable), phone number, and website link. There is also a link to contact the member which is connected to the email address that is in the profile settings for that member. If a user clicks this, a message will be sent from the website directly to the member’s email address.

How to Optimize Your Profile

Make sure you are taking advantage of what is offered, and fill out your profile as completely as possible. Below is a guideline for submitting information for your profile:

Contact Information


  • Business Name
  • Member Name
  • Address (optional; include if your business is a non-residential location, or if you want your town included on your profile)
  • Business Phone
  • Personal Phone (optional)
  • Email
  • Website

Business Card


  • Logo (square format works best)
  • Tagline or brief business description (up to 80 characters, including spaces)

“About” tab


  • Profile photo
  • Business description (be as descriptive as possible; there is no space limit)
  • Social networks (option for up to 8 social media links)

If you have any questions, you can contact me at erin@erinsweeneydesign.com. I am the Webmaster and will be adding and updating member profiles on the website. I’m really excited to be using the MemberFindMe plugin for the WBN site. It’s easy to navigate and fully searchable. Plus it offers a lot of great features on the backend such as renewal information, sending group emails, and exporting the member directory to a spreadsheet. Not to mention it has a very professional design to it. I hope you enjoy your new profile.


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