Our Many Incarnations

Most of us have held many – and varied – jobs in our lifetime. It is evident that the folks who are willing to learn new skills, open themselves up to new experiences and make connections are the folks who will best adapt in times of economic challenges.

I am often inspired by the members and friends of the Women’s Business Network of SE MA. So many of the amazing women in this group have re-incarnated themselves a number of times over. Many of them have left very comfortable and lucrative corporate positions in order to increase their job satisfaction. During a recent group activity, the question was posed: “Would you take a million dollars and be told you could never work in your current field again?” The woman to my left had a very strong reaction to that question. “Never”, she answered, “Aligning my passion with my business has been priceless. I can’t think of anything else I would ever want to do.”

I took the time to list out the majority of jobs that I have held since high school. There were 20 of them! Check them out.

I am ever so curious…. What jobs have you held in your lifetime? Which were your favorite? Your least favorite? Which one gave you opportunity for the most growth?

Please leave your comments on my blog or take my 8-Question Survey. Results will be published in a future blog.

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