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One of the benefits of being in a networking group is the opportunity to meet with, do business with, and get to know people in a variety of professions.  I am so excited when I can refer one of my network members to anyone who tells me they are looking for a specific service, or that they are having a problem that I know one of my members will be able to help them solve.  Of course, I also hope that my network members have had enough opportunity to get to know my level of expertise, along with my own particular methods of providing the wide variety of personalized online presence services that I do.  I hope that they will recommend me when they are happen to speak to someone who needs help with their website upkeep, newsletter creation, contact management system, social media platforms or computer file organization.

Most of us in business struggle with this one question, however.


Not the easiest thing to ask –

But it could just be one of the most useful tools you can implement when building online presence.

Think about it.  How often have you hired a service provider without obtaining at least one person’s opinion?

My guess is that you have not hired even one service provider without finding out a bit more about that person either through people you actually know, or through online reviews. It only makes sense that we want to know ahead of time if the person we intend to hire is easy to work with, knowledgeable in their field, reliable, shows up on time, completes the job at hand, provides value.  My recent blog article points out the benefits to online reviews, the best ways to request online reviews, what to ask for in an online review, and how to use these online reviews to your benefit.

Need a starting point?

Create a list of all of your professional contacts.   (WBN members – I have made that a bit easier for you by sharing our members spreadsheet with you.)

Whose services have you used?   Consider leaving them a review on their platform of choice. (LinkedIn, Email, Google Local, Facebook Business)

Who has used your services?  If the previous suggestion doesn’t prompt them to reciprocate with a review on one of your platforms, feel free to request a recommendation utilizing some of the tips in the blog article referenced above.

Who haven’t you connected with yet?  Why not? – Do it! Then repeat steps 2 and 3.


Read the full article for more tips

I consider it a great honor to be involved in the Women’s Business Network of SE MA.  I have found the women in this group to be extraordinarily helpful, insightful, supportive.  I would like to see a flurry of honest recommendations, testimonials, reviews get started throughout the network.   Seriously – imagine how much we will be able to help each other.

Please, be sure to contact me if you have any questions at all on this topic.


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