Shaky Foundations

OOOh Pic bnwUnderwear (or in Style speak-Foundation Garments) can make or break your look. Many people don’t think much more about their underwear other than is it comfortable (and if you ask mom, it should be clean…yep, I just went there!). After that they figure it’s covered up so who cares?

I’ll tell you who, my friend for one, and frankly, anyone who looks at you (I know what you are thinking…seriously? Don’t they have anything better to do than stand around looking for my underwear like I’m a living I Spy book?).  A weird hobby? Maybe..but I’m willing to bet you’ve noticed a rogue bra strap or panty line at some point.  (read more on The Style Sherpa)

Gaelen Abt
Style Sherpa

Nothing is more Stylish than Confidence!

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