The WBN Survey results are in!

Thank you so much to those WBN members who took the time to give us their feedback. The Leading Ladies discussed the results at great length to try to fine tune and ramp up our programs and offerings. You can view a pdf of the results hereBelow is a summary and some comments on the items in the survey:

Question 1. Mission

WBN Mission: The purpose of WBN is to offer networking opportunities, and inspire, educate, and motivate women to be the best they can be in their business and personal lives.

How well do the WBN activities, communications and publications align to its mission statement?

  • 23 people responded that our activities, etc. align well to our mission statement.
  • 1 person thought that they somewhat aligned.

Question 2. Resources

The WBN offers a number of in-person and online resources for connecting with other members and for promoting your business. How well do these resources meet your needs? (Refer to the membership tab on our website for more details)

  • 20 people felt that the WBN meets their needs just right.
  • 3 people said the WBN somewhat meets their needs.

Question 3. Resources

In reference to the previous question; which WBN resources have you participated in?

  • I attend Monthly Meetings: 100% (24)
  • I’ve run or attended a 4th Tuesday Breakout Session: 45.83% (11)
  • I’ve attended Let’s Do Coffee!: 41.67% (10)
  • I’ve enjoyed “One-on-One” meetings with members: 70.83% (17)
  • I use the Membership Spreadsheet to engage with other members on various platforms: 20.83% (5)
  • I’ve been a Member Spotlight presenter: 79.17% (19)
  • I’ve made a Newsletter submission: 50% (12)
  • I read the Newsletter: 87.50% (21)
  • I’ve submitted Calendar Listings: 29.17% (7)
  • I refer to the Website Calendar (to learn about an event): 58.33% (14)
  • I post to our Facebook Group: 70.83% (17)
  • I have submitted blog articles: 29.17% (7)
  • I read blog articles (to learn more about a member): 50% (12)
  • I use the website as a reference (to find general info or a find a member): 79.17% (19)
  • I attend other Organizations’ events promoted by WBN (HarborOne, MSBDC, WSN, etc): 50% (12)

Question 4: Spotlight Presentations

Each month, two of our members offer an 8-minute, in-depth presentation of their business as a spotlight presenter. We have also offered a 2-minute product spotlight. These presentations give members an opportunity to share information about their business to increase awareness of what their business has to offer, and spark interest and interaction throughout our membership.

Do you find value in listening to other members present their businesses? If you presented this year, did you find the experience valuable for your own personal growth or in meeting the opportunity objectives described here? Would you suggest any changes for improvement?

To summarize the responses:

Most people found the spotlights offered great value both as a listener and as a presenter. Most felt that they learned something new either about the member presenting or about the business of that person. Some who had presented reported that they valued the opportunity to fine tune their speaking skills. There were a few who asked that the presentations be lengthened. In response to this feedback, we will lengthen the presentation time to up to10 minutes with 2 minutes for questions.  Some found more value than others in the 2 minute product spotlight. We will keep this 2-minute spotlight opportunity available for any one of our members who wishes to use it. We find that not everyone feels comfortable speaking for up to 10 minutes, and would rather have their product, or a representation of their service, on display. Of course, they are welcome to hand out any additional information they would like to at that time, as well.

Question 5: Group Activities

Group Activities are designed to introduce yourself and your business in a more creative way, and to get to know more about the others in your current activity group.

Did the Group Activities add to your experience of the WBN meeting? Do you have any suggestions to improve or add to the group activity experience?

Respondents, for the most part, found value in the group activities. Many have told us that they feel that this is something that sets our WBN apart from other networking groups. They reported that the activities helped them to meet others and get to know each other better than if there had simply been 30 second introductions. One of the points we have picked up on is that the ‘introductions’ as a large group, after the small group activities, often go on too long.  Next season, we will keep a 30 second timer to keep that portion of the meeting moving quickly and efficiently. (Brush up on your elevator speeches, ladies). There were 2 respondents who reported that they do not like the group activities, and would prefer either more in-depth presentations or a shorter meeting.

Question 6: Guest Speaker

Does the Annual March Guest Speaker hold value for you? 

Most people reported that the enjoy having an outside speaker that they would not ordinarily have the opportunity to listen to. We will continue to keep March as our guest speaker month. We ask our members to forward any speaker suggestions to Janine.

Question 7: Product Highlight Meeting?

There has been a good amount of interest in WBN members coordinating to hold a vendor event of some kind. Logistics are such that we would are not able hold an actual vendor session at the bank. If a WBN member wanted to coordinate an event off-site, we would offer WBN support in the way of communications and help with logistics. We are open to a conversation on this topic if a member would like to coordinate. There may be other options that can be brainstormed as well. If this is something you are interested in discussing, please contact Susan or Janine.

Question 8: Additional Sessions?

Would you like to see more educational sessions offered by WBN? How about Social Sessions? Would you be willing to host/conduct a meeting outside of our regular Tuesday morning session?

There seemed to be interest in both social sessions and educational sessions.

Social: We are grateful to Wendy Juergens for coordinating the monthly “Let’s Do Coffee” social mornings which are continuing through the summer and into the fall. We have scheduled a Summer Social evening event for July 28 at Blackthorne Publick House in Easton. If a member is interested in coordinating any social events throughout the regular membership year, we will support the event through our communication channels and helping with logistics.

Educational: Our members will continue the Monthly Education Breakouts. This past year we were enriched on topics such as organization skills, business goal-setting, meditation, stress management, social media, and zentangle. Members who are willing to hold an Education Breakout can contact Susan.

Question 9: Charitable Giving

Most people thought that this is a good program that we coordinate. Some thought they might have needed more information. Others were unclear on the nomination process. We will make sure to introduce the program early next year so that our members can have sufficient time to think about nominating worthy local non-profits that would align with our mission.

Question 10: Additional Comments

Here are some of the comments we received:

  • Women helping and supporting other women is a benefit that I sincerely appreciate with this group.
  • One thing I’ve noticed is how few people post to the Facebook page and how few read or comment on any post. It would be great if more members would engage.
  • I think the group is great. Laid back. Informal, yet Professional.
  • I would like us not to stray away from this being a BUSINESS opportunity. I think we have lost the idea of stressing getting each other business. It’s become social, which is fine, but not what I am personally looking for.
  • Attending the meetings is a pleasure. That is a combination of the camaraderie, variety, support, energy, and people involved. Plus the space is welcoming and convenient.
  • I feel very welcomed at the WBN meetings and I am able to connect with other like minded women in a safe, supportive environment.

Thank you, again, to all the members who took the time to give us this valuable feedback. We are already looking forward to our 2015-16 WBN year. (It’s not too early to register!)

With wishes for a fun and safe summer,
Susan  and Janine

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