Want to Grow Your Small Business? Brand Yourself with a Logo!

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Having a well-designed logo for your business can increase sales and revenue. How? Below are 6 ways a logo can help grow your business:

1. Look Professional and Reputable

Nothing says “small-scale” quite like clip art or home-printed business cards. If it looks like you haven’t put much effort into branding your business, clients may not feel they need to compensate you as well as you deserve. A professionally designed logo shows you are committed to your business.

2. Brand Yourself and Your Business

A logo will help you build an image. Your brand should be greater than your individual identity. A logo creates a brand for your company that’s recognizable and consistent.

3. Attract More Clients

Many times, the right look and feel are what lure a client in. People have a tendency to judge things based on appearance. Having a well-designed logo gives the impression of a well-defined company.

4. Make Your Business Unforgettable

40% of people remember more of what they see than what they hear or read. A consistent brand will make your business memorable.

5. Communicate Your Message

A logo gives visual clues to the meaning of your company name. This is especially relevant for a non-traditional or hard to explain business.

6. Shine Above the Competition

A well-designed logo can make you stand apart from the competition by highlighting what it is that makes you unique.

Already have a logo?

If you have an existing logo, this might be the time to examine it. Does it explain your business? Does it represent you? Does it provide a professional appearance? Is it memorable? If you’ve answered “No” to any of these questions, now is the time to consider a logo make-over.

At Erin Sweeney Design, I have created dozens of logos for a variety of individuals and small business owners. Before concepting designs, I speak directly with the clients to learn about their business. I then develop logo designs that represent the uniqueness of the business through the use of font, color, and (in many cases) illustration.

My complete logo design portfolio can be viewed at http://erinsweeneydesign.com/portfolio/logo-design/.

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Erin Sweeney

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Visit my website to view my portfolio of work www.erinsweeneydesign.com


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