Business Spotlight Presentations

Business Spotlight presentations include educational information pertaining to the presenter’s business in addition to sharing what the business can offer the group. You have 10 timed minutes for a presentation, followed by 2 minutes for follow up questions. You also have access to technology for a power point presentation if you wish to use this access. If you have handouts prepare between 35-40 copies. If you would like to offer a promotion or give away to the group, that is welcome as long as it falls within the presentation time.

Product Spotlight Presentations

Product Spotlights Presentations give you an opportunity to showcase the product your business offers. Your product may be an item(s) or it may be a service that can be presented in an interactive multisensory format (e.g. see it, touch it, experience it). You will have access to a table set in a prominent location for the duration of the meeting. You will also be given the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business and mention 1 or 2 highlights in a 2 minute or less presentation. If you wish to have handouts available for pickup at your table prepare between 35-40 copies. No sales may be transacted per bank rules during these meetings.

Guidelines for Presentations

In order to encourage full membership participation, and to maintain an interesting and informative schedule for all of our meeting attendees, the following criteria must be met to be eligible for a presentation role:

  • Speakers must be members, paid in full.
  • Speakers are eligible for a Business Spotlight every other membership year.
  • Speakers with multiple business listings are eligible for a speaking engagement for each business however these engagements should be staggered once per membership year.
  • Speakers are eligible for a Product Spotlight every other membership year but are limited to 1 overall presentation opportunity per year.
  • Presentation spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis until all spots are filled.
  • Once all spots are filled a waiting list will be maintained for eligible members who would like to fill spots if they become available.
  • In the event that a speaker must cancel on short notice due to an emergency, the available slot will be offered to a member on the waiting list. In the event there is no one available who has met the time criteria the spot will be offered to those who have not spoken within the last 6 months and who are reachable on short notice.


What are the Benefits of presenting to the group?

These presentations give members an opportunity to share information about their business to increase awareness of what their business has to offer, and spark interest and interaction throughout our membership.

Presenting also provides an opportunity to expand exposure for your business. Your name and business name will be listed as a presenter in the WBN bi-weekly newsletter distributed prior to the monthly meeting. That newsletter, in addition to going out to our members is distributed to over 300 people who have requested they be added to our mailing list. This information is also submitted as a press release to and at the discretion of the publisher may be distributed to 9 local community newspapers. Finally, your name and business name are added to our website announcement with a link back to your web site making it easy for others to easily access and find your web site for more information.

Why are the presentations timed? 

We are committed to offering a large variety of engaging activities and presentations at each meeting to add interest and interaction opportunities for all members. We need to do this while maintaining a schedule that allows our meetings to start and end on time because we all have businesses to return to. In addition, the timed presentations encourage each of us to find ways to deliver the message about who we are and what we offer as a business and as a professional quickly and effectively in a supportive environment.

Why do I sometimes see speakers who have spoken as recently as last year?

Rarely a speaker must cancel on short notice due to an emergency. If this happens, the spot will first be offered to those on a wait list who have met all eligibility requirements. In the event no eligible members are available on short notice, presentation opportunities may be offered to other members who have not spoken within the past 6 months and who are available and willing to speak on short notice.

How do I get on the wait list?

Just ask. You can talk to Kristi Johnson at the monthly meeting, or email

Do you have any tips for what makes a great presentation for this group?

  • The best presentations are those that come from the heart. A power point presentation can be a great tool, but it is best to use bullet points and allow your presentation to be more of a conversation with our fellow members.
  • Sometimes less is more. A brief and powerful presentation is sometimes has more impact.
  • It is helpful to practice and run through the timing of your presentation. Seasoned speakers recommend running through your presentation up to 4 times.
  • If you are using the technology, it is wise to come in before the meeting and run through your presentation to make sure there are no surprises. When you are scheduled to present you will be given the name of a contact at Harbor One University who will help with your technology questions and on the day of the meeting the doors are open by 9:00. You also should have a backup plan in place in the event that there are technical glitches as our schedule does not have the flexibility to wait more than a moment while technical problems are resolved. The show must go on!
  • Eight minutes goes very quickly. You might not want to leave the most important point you would like to share for the end of your presentation. You risk losing it to a buzzer.
  • Reach out if you have any questions.
  • Have fun with it! You are among colleagues but also among friends.

Contact Kristi about a WBN Spotlight Presentation: 

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