Would You Rather……?

The Group Activities during our monthly WBN meetings provide us with the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves, our businesses, and our lives in a fun and creative way.  That is what I was hoping to accomplish when I facilitated our January meeting Group Activity, which focused on decision making by posing “Would You Rather” questions.  Please find those questions listed below for you to use whenever and where ever you like. Have fun.

Would You Rather Questions for WBN Group Activity 1-13-15 provided by Janine Cavanaugh, Certified Professional Organizer®

  • Would you rather spend lots of effort on keeping your existing client base happy, or spend lots of effort on getting new clients?
  • Would you rather take on a business partner or sell your business?
  • Would you rather lower your hourly rate by 25% and be booked solid, or keep your current hourly rate and be booked 50% of the work week?
  • Would you rather win one million dollars and lose your current business (not able to work in the same field again), or win fifty dollars and keep your current business?
  • Would you rather write a whole book pertaining to your current profession, or write an introduction for someone else’s book?
  • Would you rather be a guest speaker on a popular talk show answering questions about your profession, or sit next to your favorite talk show host on a long flight?
  • Would you rather have lunch with one of the leading professionals in your field (Who would that be?), or work with them for a day?
  • Would you rather be a mentor or have a mentor (Who would that be?)?
  • Would you rather start your business over with the knowledge you have now, or jump ahead 3 years and see where your business is in the future?
  • Would you rather win $2000 to spend on business marketing or win $2000 to spend on a vacation?

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